rtftohtml - A Filter to Translate RTF to HTML

RTF is a document formatting language developed by Microsoft. There are many word processing packages (Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, Frame Maker...) that can read or write RTF format files. rtftohtml was designed to translate existing RTF documents into HTML - the format of the World Wide Web. rtftohtml can also be used to author new documents specifically for the WWW.

The latest version of rtftohtml is 2.7.5

How to Get the Package

Sample Documents

To get you started, I have a Style Sheet for Microsoft Word. This has definitions of the Paragraph styles that I use for authoring Web documents. It renders my RTF versions of the documents in a style that is close to what XMosaic 2.1 displayed (at one time.)

It is located here.

The HTML version is here.

About RTF

RTF (Rich Text Format) was designed by Microsoft as an open format for interchanging documents between Microsoft Word and other word processing packages. It is supported by WordPerfect, FrameMaker, Interleaf and many other packages on UNIX, Apple, Macintosh, Next, and PC platforms.

The specification for RTF and a set of filters for translating RTF to plain-text, troff and Tex and LaTex are available at: ftp://ftp.primate.wisc.edu/pub/RTF