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Crawford, Cindy Ann

Height: 5'9-1/2"
Bust-waist-hips: 34B-24-35
Dress size: 8
Hair color: Light Brown
Eye color: Dark Brown
Shoe size: 9-1/2
Born: 20 Feb 1966 in De Kalb, Illinois, USA

Here is a picture of the young Cindy.
Agency: ELITE
Schooling: Northwestern, Chemical Engineering (1 sem)
Modeling Break: ELITE "Look of the year contest", 1982

Probably the single most widely recognized supermodel. Cindy was the spokesperson for Pepsi for a while, has her own exercise video, and her own show on MTV. She's also done at least three calendars ( one of them ), and of the profit, half (I believe) goes toward fighting leukemia. Had a three year $3 million contract with Revlon. The print ads for JH Collectables and Capezio Bags. She appeared in a series of lingerie posters for Hennes & Mauritz in Europe. The Norway police tore many of them down because they feared drivers were being too distracted. She has said she feels too old for runway modeling, and wishes to cut back to part time modelling. Cindy is not doing any calendar for 1994. She is said to be busy doing and promoting her exercise/work-out video. The same company who made the last 4 calendars has brought out the Cindy Crawford 1994 European Edition Calendar which has various pics taken from her last four calendars. Also, there is another calendar produced by an English firm which is of fairly poor quality (its only 12 month while the European Edition is 16 months).

She was married to actor Richard Gere in Dec '91 at the Little Church of the West in Las Vegas, by Rev. Wes McPherson. They using wedding bands twisted from chewing gum wrappers. Cindy said, during an interview, they plan on having a child soon. Cindy is frequently rumored to be bisexual, and having an affair with Christy Turlington. In '91, they were photographed while kissing behind the Roxy nightclub in New York. The rumors have intensified since Cindy appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair shaving k.d. lang, a confirmed lesbian.

Appeared topless in the July 1988 Playboy. Quote: "I don't mind if someone thinks a picture of me decorates their wall nicely. It's weird when you think what people might be doing to it. But if just the way I look can make someone feel good, that's a pretty easy way for me to bring them some pleasure. I just don't want to hear about graphics details, you know." US April 1993. MTV House of Style (5 years on the air)

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