Upgrading and Repairing Networks

by Craig Zacker and Paul Doyle with Christa Anderson, Darren Mar-Elia, Alexia Prendergast, Robert Tompson, Kevin Makela, Michele Petrovsky, and Paul Robinchaux


Understanding Networks

1. Network Background
2. Overview of Network Systems and Services
3. The OSI Model: Bringing Order to Choas
4. Upgrading to a WAN

Hardware Platforms: Servers and Workstations

5. The Server Platform
6. The Workstation Platform
7. Major Network Types

Software Platforms: NOSs and Clients

8. Novell NetWare
9. Microsoft Windows NT
10. UNIX Operating Systems
11. Network Client Software
12. Network Client Software for 32-bit Windows


13. Hubs: Dumb, Smart, Switching, and Otherwise
14. Repeaters and Bridges
15. Routers
16. Linking to Minis and Mainframes

Backups and Other Safety

17. Backup Technology: Programs and Data
18. Backup Technology: Uninterruptible Power Supplies
19. Antivirus Technology
20. Tools for Restricting Access
21. Disaster Planning for Networks
22. Network Preventive Maintenance

Adding Network Services

23. Adding Network Printing
24. Adding Network CD-ROMs
25. Adding Network Modems
26. Adding Internet Addess
27. Adding Remote Network Access
28. Adding Diskless Workstation
29. Adding Wireless Networking

Troubleshooting Hardware and Software Problems

30. Network Management and SNMP
31. Locating the Problem: Server versus Workstation verus Links
32. Repairing Common Types of Problems


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