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Quick Reference Guide to Auto-Negotiation

13.1 Auto-Negotiation

The Auto-Negotiation function is an optional part of the Ethernet standard that makes it possible for devices to exchange information about their abilities over a link segment. This, in turn, allows the devices to perform automatic configuration to achieve the best possible mode of operation over a link. At a minimum, Auto-Negotiation can provide automatic speed matching for multi-speed devices at each end of a link. Multi-speed Ethernet interfaces can then take advantage of the highest speed offered by a multi-speed hub port.

The Auto-Negotiation protocol includes automatic sensing for other capabilities as well. For example, a hub that is capable of supporting full duplex operation (described later in this chapter) on some or all of its ports can advertise that fact with the Auto-Negotiation protocol. Interfaces connected to the hub that also support full duplex operation can then configure themselves to use the full duplex mode in interaction with the hub.

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