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Quick Reference Guide to 10BASE-T Twisted-Pair Ethernet

5.1 10-Mbps Twisted-Pair Media System

The "T" in 10BASE-T stands for "twisted" in reference to the twisted-pair wire used for this variety of Ethernet.

FIGURE 5.1 Connecting a computer to twisted-pair Ethernet

The specifications for the twisted-pair media system were published in 1990. This system has since become the most widely used medium for connections to the desktop.

The 10BASE-T system operates over two pairs of wires, one pair used for receive data signals and the other pair used for transmit data signals. The two wires in each pair must be twisted together for the entire length of the segment, a standard technique used to improve the signal carrying characteristics of a wire pair. Multiple twisted-pair segments communicate by way of a multiport hub. A five-port repeater hub is shown in the figure.

Quick Reference Guide to 10BASE-T Twisted-Pair Ethernet - 04 SEP 95
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