Quick Reference Guides to 10-Mbps Ethernet
By Charles Spurgeon

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  • The Ethernet System. Describes the basic concepts of the Ethernet system that are common to both 10-Mbps and 100-Mbps media varieties.

  • The 10-Mbps Media Systems. Describes the components that are common to all 10-Mbps Ethernet media varieties.

  • Thick Coaxial Ethernet, Type 10BASE5. Describes the thick coaxial variety of 10-Mbps Ethernet media.

  • Thin Coaxial Ethernet, Type 10BASE2. Describes the thin coaxial variety of 10-Mbps Ethernet media.

  • Twisted-Pair Ethernet, Type 10BASE-T. Describes the twisted-pair variety of 10-Mbps Ethernet media.

  • Fiber Optic Ethernet, Type 10BASE-F. Describes the fiber optic variety of 10-Mbps Ethernet media.

  • Multi-Segment Configuration Guidelines. Describes the simplified multi-segment configuration guidelines for baseband 10-Mbps Ethernet media.

    The Ethernet Configuration Guidelines Book

    The Quick Reference Guides have been collected and made available as a book entitled: Ethernet Configuration Guidelines.

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