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What's New

18 April 1998

Minor update 2.4b is now available. (All platforms)

15 April 1998

Minor update 2.4a is now available. (Not yet for Win32)

13 April 1998

Updated web site for Release 2.4.

10 April 1998

Installed larch lclint site on new server at Sorry if you had problems accessing the server over the past two weeks. We suffered a disk crash on the machine that was hosting the lclint site.

21 August 1997

Updated for Version 2.3f.

24 November 1996

Acorn RISC OS version now available. See binary download page.

26 August 1996

Updated for Version 2.2.

7 May 1996

Updated for Version 2.1b.

17 April 1996

Updated for Version 2.1a. Split guide.html into sections for faster loading. Updated samples to use lclint 2.1a.

20 March 1996

A tar file containing the html for the User's Guide is now available. This allows easy installation of a local mirror of the guide for faster access.

Added about section with server logs.

5 March 1996

Added What's New page, Bugs page (yes, even code that is checked with lclint sometimes has bugs, I'm afraid), lclint-interest archive, plain text version of User's Guide.

1 March 1996

Announced LCLint 2.0, installed new web site.

David Evans
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