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Windows 95/NT Installation

Instructions for installing the Win32 version of LCLint:

  1. Enter your email address here to be added to the lclint-announce mailing list. This is optional, but highly recommended. The list is only used to announce new lclint releases.

  2. Download

  3. Unzip the package. This can be done using any unzip utility, such as WinZip. The zip file contains several directories. Extract them to a new directory, for example C:\lclint-2.4b. The lclint binary is in ...\bin\lclint.exe.

  4. Set environment variables:
    LARCH_PATH - path to search for lclint libraries and initializations files. If you are using the standard directories, this should be ".;C:\lclint-2.4b\lib".

    LCLIMPORTDIR - directory containing lcl imports files. If you are using the standard directories, this is C:\lclint-2.4b\imports.

    If you are using Windows NT, you can set these variables using the Control Panel | System. Select the Environment tab and enter the Variable and Value.

    Check that the include environment varialble is set to list the directories containing your system files. (You probably do not need to change this variable.)

    Set up your command PATH to include the directory containing lclint.exe, or move the binary to a directory on your command path.

Tips for using lclint with Microsoft Developer Studio.

David Evans
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