Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

This is the list of Frequently Asked Questions about Linux, the free Unix for 386/486/586 [see Q1.1 `What is Linux ?' for more details]. It should be read in conjunction with the HOWTO documents, which are available in and mirror sites thereof -- see Q2.5 `Where can I get Linux material by FTP ?'. See Q2.1 `Where can I get the HOWTOs and other documentation ?' for a list of the HOWTOs and more information. The INFO-SHEET and META-FAQ, found in the same place, also list other sources of Linux information.

The Linux Documentation Project documentation is available on in /pub/Linux/docs/LDP. These documents (more are in preparation) are invaluable to the newcomer or for use as a reference work.

Please check out these documents and this FAQ, especially Q12.1 `You still haven't answered my question !', before posting your question to a newsgroup.

See Q13.2 `Formats in which this FAQ is available' for details of where to get the PostScript, Emacs Info, HTML (WWW) and plain ASCII versions of this document.

A new version of this document appears approximately monthly. If this copy is more than a month old it may be out of date.


Ian Jackson / - 06 March 1996

Extracted from Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers, Copyright Ian Jackson 1996.