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Linux Installation and Getting Started

by Matt Welsh

Version 2.2.2, 12 February 1995

(c)1992-1994 by Matt Welsh,

Notes on this book

Linux Installation and Getting Started is an installation and new-user guide to the Linux system. Linux is a free clone of the UNIX operating system developed for 80386 and 80486 machines. This book describes how to obtain and install Linux on your system, as well as how to start using it. Information on configuration of X-Windows, basic system administration, and much more is included.

This HTML version of the book was provided by Ken Edwards (, and was generated using latex2html. As such, there are several technical glitches in the book---the index isn't perfect, and anything which latex2html doesn't understand appears as a small inline image. If you don't want to get all of these images, tell your WWW client not to load inline images.

This site is very loaded. You can download the HTML version of this book for yourself (gzipped tar file) by clicking here.

This book is available in various formats, such as PostScript, .dvi, LaTeX source, and plain ASCII from There are also several publishing companies distributing printed and bound copies of the book; see the README file for details.

Blatant sales pitch: My newest book, Running Linux, has been published by O'Reilly and Associates. It's 600 pages full of everything you need to know to run and use Linux. More information can be found here.

If you have any questions about this book, please feel free to contact the author at

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Matt Welsh