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This list is the successor to Rick Miller's Linux Device List, which he stopped maintaining when he lost network access in 1993. It is a registry of allocated major device numbers, as well as the recommended /dev directory nodes for these devices.

This list is available via FTP from in the directory /pub/device-list; filename is devices.format where format is txt (ASCII), tex (LaTeX), dvi (DVI) or ps (PostScript). In cases of discrepancy, the LaTeX version has priority.

This document is included by reference into the Linux Filesystem Standard (FSSTND). The FSSTND is available via FTP from in the directory

To have a major number allocated, or a minor number in situations where that applies (e.g. busmice), please contact me. Also, if you have additional information regarding any of the devices listed below, I would like to know.

Allocations marked (68k) apply to Linux/68k only.

Andrew Anderson
Thu Mar 7 22:36:29 EST 1996