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Locally defined links

The following links may be established locally to conform to the configuration of the system. This is merely a tabulation of existing practice, and does not constitute a recommendation. However, if they exist, they should have the following uses.

 /dev/crambamboli T/proc/self/fd/99 symbolicxxx foo /dev/mouse 		 mouse port  		 symbolic 		 Current mouse device

/dev/tape tape device symbolic Current tape device

/dev/cdrom CD-ROM device symbolic Current CD-ROM device

/dev/modem modem port symbolic Current dialout device

/dev/root root device symbolic Current root filesystem

/dev/swap swap device symbolic Current swap device

/dev/modem should not be used for a modem which supports dialin as well as dialout, as it tends to cause lock file problems. If it exists, /dev/modem should point to the appropriate dialout (alternate) device.

Andrew Anderson
Thu Mar 7 22:36:29 EST 1996