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Ancient History

The origin of AUC TeX is `tex-mode.el' from Emacs 16. Lars Peter Fischer `<fischer@iesd.auc.dk>' wrote the first functions to insert font macros and Danish characters back in 1986. Per Abrahamsen `<abraham@iesd.auc.dk>' wrote the functions to insert environments and sections, to indent the text, and the outline minor mode in 1987. Kresten Krab Thorup `<krab@iesd.auc.dk>' wrote the buffer handling and debugging functions, the macro completion, and much more, including much improved indentation and text formatting functions. He also made the first public release in 1991, and was the main author and coordinator of every release up to and including 6.0.

Thanks should also go to all the people who have been a great help developing the AUC TeX system. Especially all the people on the `auc-tex' mailing list, who have been very helpful commenting and pointing out weak points and errors.

Some of the contributors are listed below. Others are mentioned in the lisp files or in the History section.

Denys Duchier
George Ferguson
Martin Simons
Michael Smith
Per Hagen
Ralf Handl
Sven Mattisson
Masayuki Kuwada
Terrence Brannon
Leonard Roseman

Special thanks to Leslie Lamport for supplying the source for the LaTeX error messages in the `tex-dbg.el' file.

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