Perl FAQ 1.13: How can I get Perl via Email?

Perl FAQ 1.13

How can I get Perl via Email?

The following is a list of known ftpmail sites. Please attempt to use the site closest to you with the ftp archive closest to it. Many of these sites already have perl on them. For information on how to use one of these sites, send email containing the word ``help'' to the address.

    United States:
	New Jersey:
	North Carolina:


Henk P Penning* suggests that if you are in Europe you should try the following (if you are in Germany or the UK, you should probably use one of the servers listed above):
    Email: Send a message to '' containing:
     path your_email_address
     send help
     send PERL/perl5.0/INDEX
    The path-line may be omitted if your message contains a normal
    From:-line.  You will receive a help-file and an index of the
    directory that contains the Perl stuff.

If all else fails, mail to Larry usually suffices.

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