Perl FAQ 1.15: Are there other ways of getting perl?

Perl FAQ 1.15

Are there other ways of getting perl?

Another possibility is to use UUNET, although they charge you for it. You have been duly warned. Here's the advertisement:

Anonymous Access to UUNET's Source Archives

UUNET now provides access to its extensive collection of UNIX related sources to non- subscribers. By calling 1-900-468-7727 and using the login ``uucp'' with no password, anyone may uucp any of UUNET's on line source collection. Callers will be charged 40 cents per minute. The charges will appear on their next tele- phone bill.

The file uunet!/info/help contains instructions. The file uunet!/index//ls-lR.Z contains a complete list of the files available and is updated daily. Files ending in Z need to be uncompressed before being used. The file uunet!~/compress.tar is a tar archive containing the C sources for the uncompress program.

This service provides a cost effective way of obtaining current releases of sources without having to maintain accounts with UUNET or some other service. All modems connected to the 900 number are Telebit T2500 modems. These modems support all standard modem speeds including PEP, V.32 (9600), V.22bis (2400), Bell 212a (1200), and Bell 103 (300). Using PEP or V.32, a 1.5 megabyte file such as the GNU C compiler would cost $10 in con- nect charges. The entire 55 megabyte X Window system V11 R4 would cost only $370 in connect time. These costs are less than the official tape distribution fees and they are available now via modem.

UUNET Communications Services
3110 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 570
Falls Church, VA 22042
+1 703 876 5050 (voice)
+1 703 876 5059 (fax)

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