Perl FAQ 1.16: Has perl been ported to machine FOO?

Perl FAQ 1.16

Has perl been ported to machine FOO?

Perl runs on virtually all Unix machines simply by following the hints file and instructions in the Configure script. This auto-configuration script allows Perl to compile on a wide variety of platforms by modifying the machine specific parts of the code. For most Unix systems, or VMS systems for v5 perl, no porting is required. Try to compile Perl on your machine. If you have problems, examine the README file carefully. If all else fails, send a message to comp.lang.perl.misc and crosspost to comp.sys.[whatever], there's probably someone out there that has already solved your problem and will be able to help you out.

Perl4.036 has been ported to many non-Unix systems, although currently there are only a few (beta) v5 ports. All of the following are mirrored at The following are the (known) official distribution points. Please contact the porters directly (when possible) in case of questions on these ports.

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