Perl FAQ 1.17: How do I get Perl to compile on Solaris?

Perl FAQ 1.17

How do I get Perl to compile on Solaris?

The following directions are for perl, version 4. Perl, version 5, should compile more easily. If not, send mail to The Perl Porters Mailing List (

John Lees* reports:

I have built perl on Solaris 2.1, 2.2 beta, and 2.2 FCS. Take /usr/ucb out of your path and do not use any BSD/UCB libraries. Only -lsocket, -lnsl, and -lm are needed. You can use the hint for Solaris 2.0, but the one for 2.1 is wrong. Do not use vfork. Do not use -I/usr/ucbinclude. The result works fine for me, but of couse does not support a couple of BSDism's.

Casper H.S. Dik* reports

You must remove all the references to /usr/ucblib AND /usr/ucbinclude. And ignore the Solaris_2.1 hints. They are wrong. The undefining of vfork() probably has to do with the confusion it gives to the compilers. If you use cc, you mustn't compile util.c/tutil.c with -O. I only used the following libs: -lsocket -lnsl -lm (there is a problem with -lmalloc)

Michael D'Errico* reports:

If you are using Solaris 2.x, the signal handling is broken. If you set up a signal handler such as 'ripper' it will be forgotten after the first time the signal is caught. To fix this, you need to recompile Perl. Just add '#define signal(x,y) sigset((x),(y))' after the '#include ' directive in each file that it occurs, then make it again.

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