Perl FAQ 2.1: Is there a USENET group for Perl?

Perl FAQ 2.1

Is there a USENET group for Perl?

Yes there is: comp.lang.perl.misc. This group, which currently can get up to 150 messages per day, contains all kinds of discussions about Perl; everything from bug reports to new features to the history to humour and trivia. This is the best source of information about anything Perl related, especially what's new with Perl5. Because of its vast array of topics, it functions as both a comp.lang.* style newsgroup (providing technical information) and also as a rec.* style newsgroup, kind of a support group for Perl addicts (PerlAnon?). There is also the group comp.lang.perl.announce, a place specifically for announcements related to perl (new releases, the FAQ, new modules, etc).

Larry is a frequent poster to this group as well as most (all?) of the seasoned Perl programmers. Questions will be answered by some of the most knowledgable Perl Hackers, often within minutes of a question being posted (give or take distribution times).

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