Perl FAQ 2.10: Where can I get training classes on Perl?

Perl FAQ 2.10

Where can I get training classes on Perl?

USENIX, LISA, SUG, WCSAS, AUUG, FedUnix and Europen sponsor tutorials of varying lengths on Perl at the System Administration and General Conferences. These public classes are typically taught by Tom Christiansen*.

In part, Tom and Randal teach Perl to help keep bread on their tables long enough while they continue their pro bono efforts of documenting perl (Tom keeps writing more man pages for it :-) and expanding the perl toolkit through extension libraries, work which they enjoy doing as it's fun and helps out the whole world, but which really doesn't pay the bills. Such is the nature of free(ly available) software. Send mail to <> for details and availability.

Tom is also available to teach on-site classes, included courses on advanced perl and perl5. Classes run anywhere from one day to week long sessions and cover a wide range of subject matter. Classes can include lab time with exercises, a generally beneficial aspect. If you would like more information regarding Perl classes or when the next public appearances are, please contact Tom directly at 1.303.444.3212.

Randal Schwartz* provides a 2-day lecture-only and a 4-5 day lecture-lab course based on his popular book ``Learning Perl''. For details, contact Randal directly via email or at 1.503.777.0095.

Internet One provides a 2 day ``Introduction to Perl'' and 2 day ``Advanced Perl'' workshop. The 50% hands-on and 50% lecture format allow attendees to write several programs themselves. Supplied are the user manuals, reference copies of Larry Wall's ``Programming Perl'', and a UNIX directory of all training examples and labs. To obtain outlines, pricing, or scheduling information, use the following:

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