Perl FAQ 2.11: What companies use or ship Perl?

Perl FAQ 2.11

What companies use or ship Perl?

At this time, the known list of companies that ship Perl includes at least the following, although some have snuck it into /usr/contrib or its moral equivalent:

BSDI Comdisco Systems CONVEX Computer Corporation Crosspoint Solutions Data General Dell DRD Corporation IBM (SP systems) Intergraph Kubota Pacific Netlabs SGI (without taintperl) Univel

Some companies ship it on their ``User Contributed Software Tape'', such as DEC and HP. Apple Computer has shipped the MPW version of Macintosh Perl on one of their Developer CDs (EssentialsToolsObjects #11) (and they included it under ``Essentials'' :-)

Many other companies use Perl internally for purposes of tools development, systems administration, installation scripts, and test suites. Rumor has it that the large workstation vendors (the TLA set) are seriously looking into shipping Perl with their standard systems ``soon''.

People with support contracts with their vendors are actively encouraged to submit enhancement requests that Perl be shipped as part of their standard system. It would, at the very least, reduce the FTP load on the Internet. :-)

If you know of any others, please send them in.

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