Perl FAQ 2.20: What is

Perl FAQ 2.20

What is is just Tom's domain name, registered as dedicated to ``Perl training and consulting''. While not a full ftp site (he hasn't got the bandwidth (yet)), it does have some interesting bits, most of which are replicated elsewhere. It serves as a clearinghouse for certain perl related mailing lists. The following aliases work:

perl-packrats:          The archivist list
perl-porters:           The porters list
perlbook:               The Camel/Llama/Alpaca writing committee
perlbugs:               The bug list (perl-porters for now)
perlclasses:            Info on Perl training
perlfaq:                Submissions/Errata to the Perl FAQ
			(Tom and Steve)
perlrefguide:           Submissions/Errata to the Perl RefGuide

Other resources at this site: