Perl FAQ 2.8: Is there a WAIS server for comp.lang.perl.*?

Perl FAQ 2.8

Is there a WAIS server for comp.lang.perl.*?

Yes there is. Set your WAIS client to*. According to their introduction, they have a complete selection from 1989 on.

Bill Middleton <> offers this:

I have setup a perl script retrieval service and WaisSearch here at feenix. To check it out, just point your gopher at us, and select the appropriate menu option. The WaisSearch is of the iubio type, which means you can do boolean searching. Thus you might try something like:
ioctl and fcntl
grep and socket not curses

and other things to see examples of how other folks have done this or that. This service is still under construction, but I'd like to get feedback, if you have some time.

There's also a WaisSearch into all the RFC's and some other fairly nifty stuff.

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