Perl FAQ 5.20: Can I use Perl to run a telnet or ftp session?

Perl FAQ 5.20

Can I use Perl to run a telnet or ftp session?

Sure, you can connect directly to them using sockets, or you can run a session on a pty. In either case, Randal's chat2 package, which is distributed with the perl source, will come in handly. It address much the same problem space as Don Libes's expect package does. Two examples of using managing an ftp session using chat2 can be found on in /pub/perl/scripts/ftp-chat2.shar .

Caveat lector: chat2 is documented only by example, may not run on System V systems, and is subtly machine dependent both in its ideas of networking and in pseudottys. See also question 4.21, ``Why doesn't my sockets program work under System V (Solaris)?''

Randal also has code showing an example socket session for handling the telnet protocol to get a weather report. This can be found at Gene Spafford* has a nice ftp library package that will help with ftp.

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