Command Line Arguments

Pine and PC-Pine can accept quite a few command-line arguments. Many of these arguments overlap with variables in the Pine configuration file. If there is a difference, then a flag set in the command line takes precedence. Both Pine and PC-Pine expect command line arguments to be preceded by the "-" (dash) as normally used by UNIX programs.

Send-to: If you put an unqualified string (or strings) in the command line, Pine reads them as email addresses. Pine will startup in the composer with a message started to the person/people specified. Once the message is sent, the Pine session closes.

Special anonymous mode for UWIN*.

Configuration: Prints a sample system configuration file to the screen or standard output.

-create_lu addrbook sort-order
Create auxiliary index (LookUp) file for addrbook and sort addrbook in sort-order, which may be dont-sort, nickname, fullname, nickname-with-lists-last, or fullname-with-lists-last. Only useful when creating global or shared address books.

-d debug-level
Debug Level: Sets the level of debugging information written by Pine. debug-level can be set to any integer 0-9. A debug level of 0 turns off debugging for the session. (Actually there are some levels higher than 9, now, but you probably don't want to see them.)

-f folder
Startup folder: Pine will open this folder in place of the standard INBOX.

-F file
Open named text file and view with Pine's browser.

Help: Prints the list of available command-line arguments to the screen.

Pine will start up in the FOLDER INDEX screen instead of the MAIN MENU. Configuration equivalent: initial-keystroke-list=i

-I a,b,c,...
Initial Keystrokes: Pine will execute this comma-separated sequence of commands upon startup. This allows users to get Pine to start in any of its menus/screens. You cannot include any input to the composer in the initial keystrokes. The key <Return> is represented by a ``CR'' in the keystroke list; the spacebar is designated by the letters ``SPACE''. Control keys are two character sequences beginning with ``^'', such as ``^I''. A tab character is ``TAB''. Function keys are ``F1'' - ``F12'' and the arrow keys are ``UP'', ``DOWN'', ``LEFT'', and ``RIGHT''. Configuration equivalent: initial-keystroke-list

Function-Key Mode: When invoked in this way, Pine expects the input of commands to be function-keys. Otherwise, commands are linked to the regular character keys. Configuration equivalent: use-function-keys included in feature-list.

Folder-List: With "-l" set, Pine will default to an expanded folder list. This means that the FOLDER LIST screen will always show all folders in all collections. Default is to show the folders in the current collection only. Configuration equivalent: expanded-view-of-folders in feature-list.

-n n
Message-Number: When specified, Pine starts up in the FOLDER INDEX screen with the current message being the designated message number.

Special mode for UWIN*.

-o folder
Opens the INBOX (or a folder specified via the -f argument) ReadOnly.

-p file
Uses the named file as the personal configuration file instead of ~/pinerc or the default PINERC search sequence PC-Pine uses.

-P file
Uses the named file as the system wide configuration file instead of /usr/local/lib/pine.conf. UNIX Pine only.

-pinerc file
Output fresh pinerc configuration to file, preserving the settings of variables that the user has made. Use file set to ``-'' to make output go to standard out.

Restricted Mode: For UNIX Pine only. Pine in restricted mode can only send email to itself. Save and export are limited.

-sort key
Sort-Key: Specifies the order messages will be displayed in for the FOLDER INDEX screen. Key can have the following values: subject, arrival, date, from, size, subject/reverse, arrival/reverse, date/reverse, from/reverse, size/reverse. The default value is "arrival". The key value reverse is equivalent to arrival/reverse. This option will be expanded in the future to allow sorting on "to" and "cc". Configuration equivalent: sort-key.

Enable Suspend: When run with this flag, the key sequence ctrl-z will suspend the Pine session. Configuration equivalent: enable-suspend included in feature-list.

Assign value to the config option option. For example, -signature-file=sig1 or -feature-list=signature-at-bottom (Note: feature-list values are additive).

* UWIN = University of Washington Information Navigator

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