(Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks)

  1. Introduction
    1. What is SATAN?
    2. Who should use it?
    3. How does it work?

  2. The most important concept - trust

  3. Getting started
    1. What you need to do to run SATAN even if you don't want to read documentation
    2. Getting and compiling all those programs if you don't have them already
    3. What are all the files for?

  4. System requirements
    1. OS
    2. Platform
    3. Disk space
    4. Memory
    5. Required software tools

  5. Dangers of SATAN
    1. Controlling SATAN
    2. Boundary issues - keeping track of where it goes
    3. Being a very unfriendly neighbor
    4. Attacking vs. probing vs. scanning
    5. Legal problems with running SATAN

  6. Design goals
    1. Toolkit approach
    2. Speed/optimization

  7. Philosophical Musings
    1. Why build it?
    2. Why does it scan sites other than your own?
    3. Why wasn't there a limited distribution, to only the "white hats"?
    4. Future directions

  8. References, Acknowledgements
    1. Acknowledgements and dedications
    2. References
    3. Copyright notice
    4. About the authors

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