SDSC WebView Known Bugs

Release V1.0 Beta 1
San Diego Supercomputer Center


SDSC WebView is a publicly available, source-code release VRML browser. It is provided as a platform for the public to quickly and easily hack ideas for future VRML features. As such it is not intended to be a full-featured, portable browser and is not intended to compete with commercial browsers.

This page describes some of the known bugs and missing features of the V1.0 Beta 1 release of SDSC WebView. The release contains more than 20,000 lines of code (not including the CERN library). We believe that the code is substantially correct, but (sigh) there are still quite a few known problems.

If you find additional bugs not listed here, or (better yet) find fixes for any bugs, please let us know!

Known Bugs and Missing Features


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