Musical Explosion - Let's listen them all
Now here's someting to listen to it. Our music collection is accessible again. Certain files were added. You can only enjoy them, if you have the proper player program installed on your machine. All you need is a Protracker compatible module player, a raw au-player, and another one which supports g-ulaw compressed aifc.

Documents - Information Streams
Our text collection has more parts. Some of them are only accessible in hungarian, but they are marked. You'll find guides, project descriptions and jokes. And of course, there are also some game-releated FAQ-s.

Scum - Music Terror
Behind the skeleton you can find the most brutal and extreme corner of the 'NET full up with lyrics, pictures and reviews of bands,like Slayer, Napalm Death and so on.

Virtuality - Raytrace Galery
Our collection is alive again. It's back. Please have patience, it's ... so called Under Construction Heh, what more? Here are rendered pictures from various artists (and wannabe artists). If you want to submit your own pictures, write us. And let's enter the galery.